A follow-up RE: Property Values sent out from the Central Appraisal District. Commissioner Vincent Morales and I are on the same page, per his FB post earlier this afternoon.

Today, I emailed Mr. Jordan Wise, the FBCAD Chief Appraiser (http://www.fbcad.org), with the following message regarding rolling back appraised values to the 2019 values. I have also forwarded this email to our Fort Bend state representatives and state senators.

Mr. Wise:

When I first saw the significant increases in property appraised values, I was concerned that many of our property owners would have a difficult time meeting a higher financial burden during very difficult times. Now, I’ve been overwhelmed with negative feedback from my Precinct 3 constituents as well as from local elected officials about the dramatic increase in property appraised values.

I find their concerns to be justified given the current national emergency. This is worse than Harvey, since so many more people are being negatively impacted.

As Fort Bend County Commissioner Precinct 3, I request that the Fort Bend Central Appraisal District roll back the 2020 appraised values to the 2019 values. There is precedent for adjusting appraised values during a declared disaster. This was done after. Hurricane Harvey. The CAD has sufficient time to make the adjustments given certification of appraised values are not due until July 25, 2020, as per state law.

I believe this is a proper and fair response to this international pandemic and its negative economic impact on our residents.

If we are unable to work quickly to address these dramatic economic impacts, then it is my fear that the CAD will be overwhelmed with a dramatic increase in protests of appraised values. I have further concerns about how our residents’ right to a fair, proper hearing will be curtailed given the current pandemic.

Unusual times require innovative solutions. Thankfully there is a full three months of time ahead of us to achieve a fair solution.

Commissioner Andy Meyers